Tens of thousands of tourists flock to Hoi An on the occasion of September 2, the old town is full of streets

On this 2/9 holiday, Hoi An (Quang Nam) welcomes a very large number of domestic and international tourists to travel. At times, the old town is packed with people, the flow of people has to move little by little.

During this 2/9 holiday, Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam) welcomes a large number of domestic and international visitors to visit.

As noted by Vietnam Environment and Urban Reporter, most of the main streets of Hoi An ancient town are always in a closed state.

Many streets are crowded, the flow of people has to move little by little.

On the old streets, tourists follow each other to visit Hoi An.

Many areas are crowded with tourists

According to locals, visitors to Hoi An on this holiday are mostly guests from the northern and southern provinces.

In addition, there are many visitors from emerging international markets such as Korea, Japan, South Africa, India and Europe, etc.

After the Covid-19 epidemic, Hoi An City has had many new ways to do things, many promotions to stimulate tourism demand and bring this local “smokeless industry” back to the “race track”.

It can be seen that now, Hoi An ancient town has attracted a large number of tourists back and is almost equal to the time before the pandemic.

A small alley is also crowded with tourists.

The area near Cau Pagoda is one of the most attractive places to take photos.

The cyclo drivers also have a “bumper” day.

Service service on the Hoai River must also operate at full capacity.

Visitors enjoy the experience of bamboo sculpture at the ancient town of Hoi An.

At night, the flow of people flocked to the old town.

According to the leader of Hoi An City, on this occasion, there are many unique cultural and artistic activities that will be organized mainly in the old town area to serve the people and tourists on the occasion of the National Day of September 2 .

In addition, there are many other activities such as Hoi An Landscape Art Festival (at Thanh Hoa Library), exhibition of “Hoi An Section Journey” (33 Nguyen Thai Hoc), performance of costumes AN – Memories of time (Cau Pagoda Arc), Old Palace (62 Bach Dang Street), Art program on the river “Hoai Giang Night” (Hoai River), re -enacted the wedding of Ngoc Hoa and traders. Japan Araki Sotaro,