About Us

Art Spa located in the center of the old town is designed according to the architecture of the 60s. Established on May 11, 2017, after a long time and excellently entered the top 10 highly rated Hoi An spas on Tripavisor.


When coming to Art Spa, you will be entered into a quiet, relaxing space completely separate from the hustle and bustle of life outside.


There are many massage packages here, you can freely choose. The service packages of Art Spa always aim for maximum perfection. It is a combination of the use of special herbal ingredients and age-old massage methods, combined with acupressure to both detoxify the body and help relax the mind. Each customer is soak your feet with herbs before entering the massage, helping to activate circulation and eliminate toxins in the body.


Coming to Art Spa, you not only get a massage but also enjoy tea, banana candy which is the feature of Art Spa along with melodious music. Art Spa will always bring you the most wonderful and unforgettable experiences.


Art Spa always has a unique style completely different from the spas located in Hoi An


– Stimulates good blood circulation.
– The body is purified, the skin is bright, youthful, healthy from deep within.
– Dispel all stress, fatigue, the most comfortable and refreshing spirit.


– The feet are well taken care of with the foot reflexology technique and essential oils… to help the body stay healthy.
– Promote better blood circulation to the heart and brain.
– Relax your legs wonderfully, effectively relieve all aches and pains

Nick name: Dai Long
Surname: Tran Tuan Huy
Year of birth: 1994
Gender: Male
Art Spa business owner and professional massage teacher.
Started teaching massage from 2017 to present