Hot stone

Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy used to help you relax and relieve muscle tension and damage to soft tissues throughout the body. When performing a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, and hot stones are placed on specific parts of your body, usually made from basalt, a volcanic rock that retains heat.
Art Spa provides Hotstone Massage courses with durations of 75 minutes, 90 minutes according to the following step-by-step process

Step 1: Welcome you at the lobby area. Investigate health status and advise on appropriate therapy.
Step 2: First you will have a foot bath with mint leaves and lemongrass and ginger, then move to the treatment room and change clothes
Step 3: Hot stone is placed in an electric slow cooker or a purpose-built appliance filled with water and at the specified temperature. Skilled technicians combine hot stones with massage techniques and essential oils to help transmit heat to open acupuncture points to increase blood circulation. Hot stones are placed and rubbed on the body’s muscles, tissues, and hamstrings to help stretch, reduce muscle tension, and help the body relax and reduce stress.
Step 4: After completing the full body hot stone massage, the technicians perform the process of finishing the massage and relaxing head massage.

Benefits of hot stone massage
+ Hot stone massage helps relieve muscle pain
+ Hot stone massage helps relieve stress
+ Hot stone massage can boost immunity
+ Hot stone massage helps sleep better
+ Hot stone massage helps reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease
+Hot stone massage can reduce cancer symptoms

Note when you massage hot stone

A hot stone massage performed by a therapist is generally safe. However, you should consult your doctor before going for a massage if you fall under the following circumstances:

+ Burns on the skin
+ Diabetes
+ Have an open wound
+ Decreased platelet count
+ Have a history of blood clots
+ Have had surgery in the last 6 weeks
+ Severe broken bones or osteoporosis
+ Bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners

75′ – Price: 517.000 VND
90′ – Price: 677.000 VND

120′ – Price: 827.000 VND