Instructions on how to massage the body with 3 “golden” technical movements

When the demand for health care and beauty of women is increasing, career opportunities for professions in beauty care and massage have the opportunity to “bloom”. However, if you are not ready for a full massage course, you can start with the basic steps from the spa-standard body massage tutorial.

This will be the basic knowledge for you to enter this beauty profession, and at the same time can apply it to take care of yourself.

  1. The benefits that body massage brings to health
    Try to imagine, how comfortable it is to go to work for a few dozen minutes but get a few minutes of massage on a tiring day, body massage is proven to have the ability to bring blood circulation, helping the body to be supple. , quickly recover from the hardships of life as well as help the skin to breathe more, bringing firmness in the long run.
    Body massage has a gentle physical effect on the muscles and skin, directly stimulating the acupuncture points on the body, not only helping circulation, blood circulation but also dispelling stress and fatigue – a problem that many people have. encountered in modern life.

In terms of mechanism, the skin will be stimulated to produce new cells to make the skin surface firm, reducing the sagging for age. Moreover, massage therapy also helps the body reduce joint diseases such as knee fatigue, shoulder fatigue and back of the neck. When the body is fully restored, the mind will also be much clearer.

  1. Instructions for professional body massage in accordance with spa standards
    If you do not have time to go to a professional massage course, you can follow the instructions on how to learn body massage below. Can be applied to body care.
    2.1. Preparation step
    The first is the preparation step and the tools needed to massage the body

Choose a lying position for a full body massage: a comfortable bed with soft light, such as a bed, massage mat, or on the floor, as long as you feel comfortable.
Choose the right temperature in the room, it should not be too hot or too cold.
Massage essential oils, choose hot essential oils for massage because it will have the effect of dilating pores, and creating a feeling of extreme refreshment when combined with massage movements.
Pillows or cushions for head support during massage
2.2 Step-by-step instructions for professional body massage
Before you start, you should put some oil in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together to warm the oil. This will help the oil penetrate better into the body. Following are 5 full body massage techniques that apply to both hands, feet, back, abdomen and head.

Action 1: Rub

To do this, do the following:

One hand to go around the front, the other hand to come close to you
The movement of changing hands, bringing the near hand away and the far hand closer, repeat continuously.
Massage is similar to stroking, but you use a little more force to work on the muscles.
When massaging in tight and narrow muscles, combine the use of your thumb to perform.

Movement 2: Acupressure

The second movement in the exercise instructing how to massage the body is acupressure.

It is not completely like the acupressure movement in oriental medicine, because it is simply a movement that uses force to act on a point on the body, not necessarily the correct acupuncture points but only points of fatigue and pain. pain on the body, it will be completely different from massage.

Choose a spot where you feel pain in your body, or a spot in the area around the painful area
Gently press on it and hold
If you want a stronger feeling, you can use more force, hold for about 8 seconds for each press and then release.
Never press too hard on the joints, major blood vessels and spine
Usually, the thumb creates the best force, keeping it straight with the arm, however, you can use other fingers, even using the knuckles or elbows.

3rd move: Punch

In the body massage exercises, at this point, the muscles in the body begin to relax, increasing blood flow and allowing the nervous system to control the body’s activities.

To perform this movement, gently hold your hand and then lightly punch the muscles of the sore areas of the body.

You can perform these movements depending on the area you want to massage, or you can also massage from head to toe in more steps and more specific for each area, however, the instructions on how to massage the body with The above 3 movements are the most basic knowledge that you need to grasp to be able to step into this beauty and massage industry.