Body massage is one of the fastest ways to relax the body after stressful working hours. Therefore, spa technicians must always master the techniques of body massage because this is a popular service that customers experience a lot.

For women who want to be able to massage themselves at home or learn more about spa-standard body massage techniques. ANA will guide how to properly massage the body according to the lesson for students so that you can follow along!

What are the benefits of body massage?

Massage is an activity that directly affects the body to help the body relax and be more comfortable after tired working hours. In fact, body massage brings a lot of benefits to the body

  • Massage helps the capillaries to be dilated, promoting blood circulation
  • Helps reduce stress, fatigue or body aches
  • Helps to lose weight and maintain the beauty of the skin
  • Detoxify the body
  • Create conditions for deeper sleep.

Steps to prepare for massage

Usually when going to spa or massage facilities, the staff have already prepared massage tools and customers just need to wear comfortable clothes before the massage. Most of the preparation steps will include:

  • Prepare mattress pad, cotton towel, pillow and massage oil
  • Prepare comfortable clothes to easily perform the massage
  • Prepare the massage room

Create a comfortable environment when massage

The setting of the massage place will create a pleasant feeling and greatly affect the effectiveness of the massage, so you need to create a comfortable environment when massage. Usually, the staff will prepare a neat, clean and tidy massage room with light yellow light and a pleasant scent. Doing so when massaging will make the body maximum relaxation.

In addition, you can also create a relaxing space with rose petals and a gentle instrumental music to help your guests’ mood be more comfortable.

Standard Body Massage Steps

Massage technique is the soul of a beauty spa facility. Because in addition to good service, massage technique is the factor that helps retain customers to stay with the spa. Therefore, experts need to learn and improve their skills to create a sustainable competitive advantage for their business. Here are 5 “golden” techniques that ANA will reveal to you when performing massage

Step 1: Scrubbing technique
Massage technique is the first technique in the process of learning body massage. The massage technique is the first step to help the client’s body relax and loosen, so it is extremely important. The massage technique mainly uses the palms and fingertips. This technique requires softness and flexibility of the hand. Massage is one of the important ways to help rotate massage techniques without making the body feel interrupted during the massage process.
Step 2: Massage Technique
Massage is the main technique in massage. Unlike the massage technique, the massage technique will use the finger bones and joints more, combining the total force in the hand but without causing pain. On the contrary, massage techniques will help the body relax, dispel fatigue and awaken the metabolism of cells in the body.
Step 3: Swipe Technique
Claw is a technique of using the palm and fingers to move on the skin to help relax the muscles and stimulate the circulation of blood vessels. This stroking technique is often rotated continuously on the skin to help the body relax and create the effect of making the skin more glossy and firm.
Step 4: Pressing Technique
Of all the techniques, this is probably considered the most difficult because it requires the massage therapist to be knowledgeable about acupuncture points to be able to identify the different pressure points. Lack of knowledge or experience will easily cause unpredictable consequences. However, on the contrary, if you have mastery of Dao techniques and know exactly where the points need to be pressed, you can bring the peak of relaxation to the body.
Step 5: Punching Technique
The punching technique is a technique of using punches to help the body relax the muscles and increase blood circulation to the nervous system. Depending on the area of ​​the body, different impact forces are required. In general, to be able to master and be proficient in massage techniques, it is necessary to undergo formal training.