How To Relax And Relieve Fatigue Back Massage Effectively At Home

Back pain, shoulder pain is a problem many people are facing today. Body fatigue, back pain significantly affects your daily life. No need to worry, you can immediately perform a relaxing and fatigue-reducing back massage below.

  1. What are the benefits of back massage?
    When doing a back massage, you will receive countless great benefits below:

1.1. Improve sleep
Massage will help relax the large muscles in the back and reduce the feeling of tension, thereby helping you to fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply at night.

1.2. Improve headache
This may seem unrelated, but you do not know that the causes of headaches are very diverse. You can stimulate the points related to the head through back massage.

Back massage has a certain function in the treatment of diseases of the head, face, cervical spondylosis, etc., thereby helping to improve and reduce pain in the head area. Other acupuncture points can also be used to treat and improve headaches.

1.3. Lower back pain
Sometimes sitting for too long or exercising strenuously also leads to low back pain. Applying back massage can eliminate back muscle tension and back pain quickly.

1.4. Reduce shoulder and neck pain
The shoulders and neck are also part of the back, these two parts are located in the upper back. Direct massage can relieve muscle tension in the upper back and help relieve shoulder and neck tension.

1.5. Promote blood circulation
Back massage can stimulate circulation and increase blood flow to different parts of the body. It also helps carry blood containing nutrients and oxygen to major muscles and organs.

Back massage also has the effect of regulating the activities of internal organs and enhancing visceral function to increase the body’s immunity.

1.6. Increase health and longevity
Long-term back massage can help to lose weight and effectively treat high blood pressure, thereby achieving the function of prolonging life.

  1. How to massage your back to relax and reduce fatigue effectively
    2.1. Prepare necessary supplies
    To start conducting relaxing and fatigue-reducing back massage exercises, you need to prepare the following tools:
  • Massage oil
  • Towel
  • Pillow
    Mattress or massage mat
    You should choose places with soft light and melodious music to increase the feeling of relaxation when performing a back massage to reduce fatigue. The person being massaged will lie face down on a mattress or mat, then place a towel under the chest and forehead to bring the most comfort.

Put massage oil in 2 palms and rub well until the oil is hot. Next, apply the oil evenly on the person being massaged along the spine.

2.2. Massage with circular movements
The person performing the massage will straighten the fingers and overlap the hands and then gently press the lower back.
Next massage in small circles, moving from the back to the middle back.
Continue moving your hands up and down your back to finish the process.
Repeat the circular motion 2-3 times when performing a relaxing and fatigue-reducing back massage

2.4. Pressing action
The masseuse will hold the fingers slightly to prepare for this movement. Arms are always straight.
Press and gently move the two fists from the bottom to the top of the back.
Move your fists to the shoulders and then back to the lower back. Do it 2-3 times.
On the last exercise, use your hands to press and stroke the shoulder instead of pulling down as before.
2.5. Thumb swipe gesture
This relaxing and fatigue-reducing back massage is a movement that uses only light pressure to hold the shoulder blades and spine. The massager’s hand is still in a state of half-holding but widening the thumb.

Use your thumb to gently press on the shoulder blades and spine. Should not be applied directly to the spine. When the hand slides to the hip, give the thumb a fixed force and then slide it back up. Repeat this movement 2-3 times, each time moving a little wider to the sides of the back.

2.6. How to relax back massage with pulling movements
In this final pull, the massager’s hand needs to be extended to perform the movement. Pull your hands from your shoulders to your back and down to your hips with moderate force. Return to your shoulders to begin the movement again.

After finishing the steps in the process of massaging the back of the person being massaged, relax your body, breathe deeply and relax before going to the bathroom again.